Bookkeeping Services


Most businesses do not usually have enough work to keep a full-time in-house bookkeeper busy every day. A part time qualified bookkeeper is often the best option but can costing anything between £15 and £30 per hour. The real challenge, however, is finding a bookkeeper who is happy working only a few hours a week.

The staff turnaround of bookkeepers is relatively high unless they have a full time position. There is also the added cost of employer’s taxes, annual leave, public holidays, and sick pay. It may also be difficult to find a bookkeeper who is familiar with your industry and, so, you have to factor in the time you spend training them.


Being accredited by the ICB (Institue of Certified Bookkeepers), we are abreast with the latest tax laws and have a clear understanding of which items may be tax deductible and at which rates.

We offer tailored packages that suit most companies and fix our fees every month so that your business never has to face any nasty surprises. The only thing you have to worry about is sending us all of the pertinent information on time; our trained experts will take care of the rest.


Bookkeeping can be completed annually for your Self-Assessment and/or quarterly for your VAT. If you have more complicated tax affairs, are a limited company or just happy with the accountancy service you already receive and simply need bookkeeping services I can prepare your business paperwork for your accountant and provide them with exactly what they need. 


Preparing accounts and filing Self-Assessment Tax Returns for both individuals and partnerships. I cover most types of income including self-employment, employment, partnerships, directors, property, pensions, savings and dividends. Services are provided in a timely manner which avoids risk of late submission fines and penalties. I can also deal with HMRC on your behalf.


Are you happy doing your accounts but hate dealing with HMRC? I can prepare and submit your VAT Returns making sure you are paying and reclaiming the correct amounts. Informing you of how much to pay, how to pay and when.